St. Anthony Catholic Church

Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church is located at 306 S. Parker in the City of Bryan, Texas. The church was built in 1923 and was designed by architect Oscar De Meuter. It was dedicated to Saint Anthony the Younger. A statue of Saint Anthony can be found inside the church.

The History of the Parish: The parishioners were initially divided into two groups: the First Irish Catholics and the German Catholics. When the Second Irish Catholic vicar, Father Edward Walsh, came from Ireland to serve as a diocesan pastor in Bryan, he made the parish home for many Irish immigrants. Many of these immigrants later became permanent residents in Texas. In the early part of this century, the Germans were the primary majority of the church members, but in the late part of the Twentieth Century, the Irish made up the immense majority. The Irish are very welcoming to everyone in Bryan, and the parishioners are very welcoming to all.

How to Get to the Parish: The easiest way to get to St. Anthony’s is to take the light rail or bus service to the nearest hotel. The church is also a short walk from the downtown area. Several bus routes will bring you within walking distance. You can also visit the church on foot if you prefer. If you do not have the time to use the rail system, an inexpensive free public bus will take you to the church. You can also use your taxi or shuttle bus if you prefer, but these methods tend to take a bit longer.

What to Do at the Church: You can go to mass on Sunday morning and visit the cemetery afterward. You can also visit other Saint Anthony spots throughout Bryan and keep exploring the city. You can see the Science Center, which has a planetarium, the Battle Box, a game center, and the Children’s ministry, where you can meet and speak with other children.

What to See Outside of the Church: Bryan is also home to many other beautiful attractions. There are several gardens in the surrounding area, including the Botanical Gardens and the Dr. Pepper Park. There is also the Bryan Arts Center which features various exhibits. Other great things to do include: fishing, boating, sailing, sightseeing, history, traveling, art galleries, and much more. You can also visit the City of Light and the Ohio State University campus. These are two popular schools that are within walking distance of the cathedral.

St. Anthony Catholic Church in Bryan is another beautiful site to visit. This community offers excellent locations to walk or bike to get to where you are going. There is always something fun to do, whether a walk to see the flowers in bloom or a ride through the city. There are also parks located near the cathedral. This gives everyone in the family the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature as they enjoy a quiet day at the park.

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