Southwood Valley

Southwood Village is an area community in the City of College Station. It is right off Highway 360 and just off the west side of campus. It was initially built in the late 1960s and provides some of the best access to downtown Austin. It was designed to cater to the working-class student who wanted somewhere quiet and a little bit away from the crowd.
Southwood Village is home to one of the oldest nursing schools in the country. It offers many of the same services as other colleges in Texas and provides a unique atmosphere. Many students come here on the weekend to study and get a feel for the community. It is truly a place for the family.

The community has been modernized to include all of the newest computers and workstations. There is a wide variety of restaurants and stores for anyone who likes to shop. They have a large outdoor pool and an indoor swimming pool. If you are interested in water sports, you can rent a boat or anything else you can think of for that relaxing weekend. The community loves to vacation, and they have many activities available to do.

Outside of Southwood Village, there is a beautiful golf course. The course is not overly tricky but does offer some challenges that other systems do not provide. There is no shortage of other activities as well. There are boating and fishing rentals to hit the lake or out on the river for some fun. Other clubs are available so you can play tennis, soccer, or golf. This is a very active community and requires you to be able to meet up with friends to enjoy the various activities.

Southwood Village is a quaint community that looks at its own time the best. It is not too much to ask for space. The houses are not overpriced, but they are not cheap either. They are exquisite and well-maintained. The landscaping is also top-notch.

There are many things to do and see when you are living in this quaint community. You can get out in the yard and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Or you can take a boating trip out on the bay. Or you can spend an afternoon playing on the diamond course. There are so many activities to choose from. If you are looking for a peaceful life, then this is the community for you.

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