Pebble Creek

As you read this summary about the beautiful community of College Station, TX, you will soon discover why living here makes so much sense! Pebble Creek is a lovely community that is located on the edge of Lake Travis. It is conveniently placed between the Lake Andean Mountains and the Guadalupe River. The area has been home to many residents for over one hundred years. This small town provides residents access to the scenic Red River, the Guadalupe River, and the downtown nightlife.

The area of Pebble Creek was created by the Lake Travis reservoir and has been lovingly nicknamed “The Gate Way.” The Guadalupe river overflows its banks during the summer due to heavy rain, and the surrounding mountains act as a natural dam. This causes the Guadalupe Canyon to be widened and thus flooding the lakes behind it. This natural phenomenon is what gives the community its name! Many adventurous people visit this unique community each year to explore all of the outdoor fun.

The area of Lake Travis allows for a variety of recreational activities to take place. There are over forty different miles of trails along both sides of the Guadalupe River that you can choose to bike, walk or fish. If you enjoy taking nature trips, you will want to spend some time around the lakes because many native plants and flowers bloom during the spring and summer seasons.

When the waters recede, these lakes become a haven for families with an affordable and fun family lake vacation.

When you live in a community like Pebble Creek, you have access to various activities that other areas do not have. A small community of about twelve homes sits on the water with a lake in the middle. Imagine a serene setting that wraps around your every wish and desire. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to look right across the street at the lake, the beach, and the town lights. This all is possible because this area has the luxury of active recreation and a community park.

Living in this area allows you to take advantage of everything that Pebble Creek has to offer. There are public parks, lakes, and swimming areas with an access point off of highway 36. This makes it possible for you to take a stroll around any place near the water. You can also fish from the pier, swim in the lake, or go boating for some relaxation and enjoyment. You can even take a trip out to the Guadalupe River and explore the great waters that run through the community. You will find that living in this part of College Station, TX, gives you access to everything that makes life enjoyable.

There are a variety of different businesses in the community as well. Many of them are restaurants, and others are retail stores. There is no shortage of things you can do and see while living in this fantastic community. Several homes sit on the water with a private lake or pond. This makes it possible for you to have a house on the water and one near a variety of activities.

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